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Motorcyclists Narrowly Escape Death As Tiger Attacks From Woods

By - 1st July 2019

Can you imagine anything scarier than a tiger chasing after you? If not, then you’ve clearly never seen the Jungle Book. Tigers are incredible predators, capable of running at 40 miles per hour. That’s nearly 65 kilometers per hour. So you aren’t safe even if you’re on a motorbike. But these motorcyclists had a close call.

Navaneeth Krishnaz was the passenger on the bike, filming their ride. They were on the edge of Nagarhole National Park, in the southern part of Karnataka State in India. It’s a beautiful area, so you can’t blame Navaneeth for filming his surroundings. It would have made a great Instagram if it wasn’t for the motorcyclists’ brush with death.

tiger attacks motorcyclists

Suddenly, a tiger emerges from the woods and chases after the bike, clearly trying to attack them. The big cat gets dangerously close, and Navaneeth captured the whole thing on film! We don’t know if the tiger had done this before, or if the pair were expecting it, but that is doubtful. It is more likely Navaneeth was filming anyway and cut the clip to just show the interesting bit!

tiger attacks motorcyclists

The motorcyclists had a really close call with this one. But, in the end, they got an incredible viral video out of the ordeal. Earlier this year, a Bengali tiger killed three people in the Nagarhole National Park, including a 60-year-old and a 28-year-old. That tiger was tranquillized by officials, but this one seems aggressive, too. Official studies suggest that as humans destroy the forests and encroach on their land, wild animals become accustomed to humans and therefore more likely to attack.

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