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Motorcyclist Reacts Quickly To Save Kitten From Middle Of The Road

By - 10th September 2019
motorcyclist saves kitten

This motorcyclist noticed an abandoned kitten in the middle of the road. Thankfully he swerved around it, but he had to act quickly to stop other motorists. However, that wasn’t enough. So, the motorcyclist, identified as Quentin, went back to help, and his headcam caught the whole thing on film.

Firstly, Quentin sees the kitten while riding in Mons, Belgium. So, he and a man in a car stop to see if it is alright. But, as they run to it, stopping the traffic, they fear the worst.

The motorcyclist picks up the scared kitten and checks it is okay. However, he then reveals that he is allergic to cats, so can’t take it home. But luckily, the man from the car offers his help.

If you want to understand what they’re saying, here’s the full translation (thanks to a Redditor). The video is below, if you want to see the action firsthand.

A Very Kind Motorcyclist

Biker: There’s a little kitty in the middle of the road. This is a joke?
Man in car: I saw that.
Biker: Yes yes.
Man in car: Stop.
Biker: No. Come here, you. Come. Little one (lou lou), what are you doing here? Oh, little one.
Man in car: What to do with him?
Biker: I don’t know. I’ve picked him up here but unfortunately, I’m allergic. But well, I can’t leave him here.
Man in car: What to do with him?
Biker: What’s wrong my little one? Come.
Man in car: We’ve gotten lost, huh?
Biker: Lost or he was left here. How else could he have gotten here?

motorcyclist saves kitten
Man in car: Give him to me.
Biker: You’ll take him? Oh, thank you, sir.
Man in car: [unintelligble]
Biker: Oh, he’s stuck. Gently.
Man in car: Says something unintelligible -> You don’t see his mother or something, right?
Biker: Well, it’s strange that he’s out here in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he’s so cute.
Man in car: [unintelligble]
Biker: Yes, it’s fine. Thank you so much.
Man in car: I won’t throw him in the ditch.
Biker: Well no. Have a good day, goodbye.

motorcyclist saves kitten

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