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Mom’s Video About The Sacrifices Of Motherhood Is Guaranteed To Reduce You To Tears

By - 11th May 2018

Sometimes, I think it’s hard to forget how much our parents have done for us. They give so much to us and sometimes we don’t always show the gratitude we should. Motherhood is an ultimate sacrifice that you’ll never fully realise unless you become a mother yourself. A mother’s sacrifice is like nothing you’ve seen.

mother's sacrifice

Let’s be honest, moms are awesome! Sure, you think you’re an independent human now, but don’t tell me you still don’t ask your mother for advice from time to time. I know I still do.

But what do your moms actually sacrifice for us? Firstly, they put their whole life on hold for 9 months while carrying you in their womb. Having to be careful what they do, no drinking, eating for 2, getting fatter and having to buy a whole new wardrobe to accompany the giant lump growing on your front. And this is just the pre-birth sacrifices!

Your social life goes out of the window, disposable income suddenly goes towards school trips, uniforms and lunch boxes. Early bedtimes and renovating your whole house to make it ‘child proof’ is another thing. And then, of course, there’s the lack of sleep.

The video below is brought to you by Esther Anderson from Story Of This Life and Kleenex. It’s a really heartwarming and enlightening reminder of the sacrifices our moms make for us.

After watching this it made me feel a lot more respect for moms everywhere. They truly are the unsung heroes of the world. So make sure when you go home tonight if you’re lucky enough to still have your mom with you, tell her that you love her. It would mean the world to her.

Don’t forget to watch this emotional video below which shows a mother’s sacrifice. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article and the video in the comment section below. ?