Return to top Mother Polar Bear moves like lightning — to try save her baby from drowning In tank

Mother Polar Bear moves like lightning — to try save her baby from drowning In tank

By - 19th November 2016

Motherly devotion is not just reserved for us humans, and this incredible video does an amazing job of highlighting this.

Let us set the stage for you, a baby polar bear is playing in some ice that the zoo had provided for the bears. The baby managed to get a little carried away while enjoying himself in the ice which was close to the fake shoreline.
All of a sudden a heart-stopping moment occurs it seems at the moment his mother has ventured further away.

The Cub desperately calls out for his mother to save him

You can watch how this all unfolded below, its at the end of the article and its its pretty tense.

The interesting thing you might have noticed is, she doesn’t just push her cub up onto the shore — she spots her baby while he learns how to pull himself up.

A commenter on facebook had interesting takes on the events;

“Wow, the amazing thing about that was that the mum didn’t just rescue,” one commenter on Facebook pointed out. “She took the opportunity to teach. Nature is amazing!”

Other viewed it in a different light

“How about rescue them out of the zoo?”

“It totally sucks that they’re trapped in a man-made habitat….and yet ironically they are dying and losing their own habitat due to global warming by the very same species that’s ‘saving them from extinction’.it just sucks all around.”

We would have to agree, However, I believe that videos like truly serve a great purpose, they open peoples eyes to the beauty of the creatures we share our planet with and cause us all to address whether, we ourselves could do anything to change our ways.


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