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Mother Cat Sneaks Into Vet Clinic To Rescue Abandoned Kittens

By - 3rd September 2019
vet kittens cat mother

Pets aren’t for everybody. However, there’s no excuse for abandoning any animal because you’re too embarrassed to take it to a shelter. Whatever the reason, nobody will judge you, because the animal will be taken care of. But, when you abandon an animal, it’s a whole different story. And someone abandoned a box of kittens outside this vet’s clinic in New Zealand.

One morning, the vet opened their doors to a box of four kittens. Three boys, one girl, all aged three to four weeks old. They immediately took the adorable kittens inside and gave them a check-up.

vet kittens cat mother

“Of course, we all fell in love with them and vet nurse Nicole took them home to care for them overnight,” the clinic wrote on its Facebook page. However, they would never have guessed what happened next.

The next morning, a tabby cat kept trying to sneak and break into the clinic. Vets couldn’t get their heads around the behavior until they realised she was a feeding mom.

“Then the penny dropped!” The vet explained everything. “Sure enough, we introduced her to the “orphan” kittens & there was a very happy reunion! Presumably, she had been in the box too & escaped before we arrived for work. She’s probably been prowling around all night looking for her kidnapped kittens!”

vet kittens cat mother

A Good Vet

The cat and kittens were fostered by a family member who recently lost her pet cat. Soon, the kittens will be auctioned off to good homes, with all the money going to charity. But with the post going viral, we expect they had an easy time rehoming them all!

Let us know what you think of this cat’s motherly instincts and the kindness of this vet clinic! Would you have done the same? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends.

vet kittens cat mother