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This Mom’s Hilarious Back To School Rant Has Been Making Mothers Around The World Howl

By - 30th August 2017

Back-to-school season can be a challenging time. Firstly, it’s the sign of the closing days of summer. Secondly, you’ve got to buy your kids some new uniforms and school supplies. Mom’s all over the world have seen this struggle!

‘Kids grow up so fast’ is a phrase you will hear time and time again which sounds like a cute way of enjoying their youth while it’s there. In reality, it’s a constant reminder of the amount of money you will spend on ever ill-fitting clothes.

The ‘back-to-school’ shop is one loathed by many. Parents detest the mundanity of ticking off the items on the supply list as it seems to go on and on into eternity. How many different types of pens do you need? People are on a budget!

Thankfully, one mom is here to set the record straight about those parents who complain about buying school supplies.


Dena Blizzard of One Funny Mother lets the world know why parents need to stop ‘bitching about binders’ in this hilarious video.

Everybody’s complaining about buying school supplies, and my thing is, listen, it’s the end of August. I will give you anything to take my kids.

Dena can be seen filming herself cruising around the aisles of her local Target store.

Blizzard herself states that she’s more than willing to buy whatever items are on the list (and then some) because teachers have the hardest job… Spending 9 hours a day with our kids!

You need a yellow binder? I will get you a yellow binder, I’ll get you a red binder, I will tie-dye some sh*t.

Dena continues to rant about other items she would happily buy for school as a thank you to the teachers who put up with her kids.

I’m telling you right now, if there was a teacher that said ‘I need some Tide’, I’ll get you some Tide. You can put whatever you want on that list.

It’s a fact that teachers spend plenty of out-of-pocket money on classroom supplies for their students. All to make sure they’re fully equipped.

And believe me when I say they don’t just do it in August. They do it all throughout the year.


Dena’s video is clearly meant to tickle our funny bones, but Blizzard, in fact, makes some rather valid points.

Dena ends her video by stating; “Stop complaining, go out and get your stupid supplies, and you need to hug a teacher on the first day of school.”

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