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Momma Dog Is Starving And Refusing To Eat, But Then Rescuers Discover The Real Problem

By - 25th January 2018

Mothers are notoriously protective of their children across the human world and the animal kingdom. They will sacrifice themselves for the safety of their young and stop at nothing to keep them safe. This brave mama dog is a perfect example of that maternal instinct.

A group of kids were playing near a construction site when they came across six tiny puppies, all alone. The puppies couldn’t have been more than a couple of days old, but there was no mother in sight.

The puppies were huddled together for warmth and the children knew that they needed to take them somewhere they would be safe. Picking up the puppies, they took them home with them to look after them.

The parents contacted ‘Hope For Paws’ and the team returned to the site where they had found the puppies to see if they could track down the mother. When they got to the location, the mother had returned, but she was in a bad way.

Scared and starving, the mother growled at them warning them off; she clearly felt threatened. They tried to lure her with food but she wouldn’t come, even though she was obviously very hungry.

The team tried to put a leash around her neck but she wouldn’t move from her spot; it was very clear that she didn’t want to leave. That’s when one of the team had an idea.

The little mama was clearly upset because her babies were gone and was staying put just in case her pups made their way back to her. So the Hope For Paws team retrieved her puppies and brought them to her to show that they were safe.

Within seconds the hostile mama changed. She became friendly and even ate the food they offered her. As soon as she was reunited with her babies she completely brightened up and happily went with the team, as long as her puppies were by her side.

The tiny family were taken to the vets for a checkup and remarkably, they were all healthy (albeit slightly malnourished). The dogs are now all in foster care and the pups are getting bigger and fluffier by the day – they’re getting almost as big as their mini mama!

Despite her initial hostility, mama Navalina, as they named her, is an incredibly sweet dog. It just shows how mothers across the world will do anything to protect their children, regardless of their normal temperament.

Watch the video below to see the wonderful rescue mission and Navalina and her adorable babies safe and sound. Prior warning, the puppies are so cute they’ll make you squeal!

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