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Exhausted Mom Shamed For Breastfeeding, But She Fires Back

By - 30th May 2019

Sometimes you would prefer to have some privacy when breastfeeding, but you can’t always have your way. Maybe your baby is hungry when you aren’t at home, or you might be having food out. That’s what happened to first-time mom Elizabeth Herzog.

Elizabeth’s daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks. She weighed only 3.5lbs. But, now she is a happy, healthy 5-month-old baby. However, her mom is extra protective of her due to her early birth.

breastfeeding mom shamed in restaurant

Elizabeth has been breastfeeding baby Georgia the whole time, as studies find that it is healthier for children. However, this time she was in Red Robin in Davenport, Iowa having a meal. Baby Georgia was hungry too, so Elizabeth started breastfeeding her. However, something happened that made them both uncomfortable.

The manager of the Red Robin tapped Elizabeth on the shoulder and said, “hey, can you cover up a little bit?” Elizabeth took Georgia and left the establishment, both embarrassed. Some mothers like to use a blanket to cover their baby’s head, and their own breast, while feeding, but Georgia doesn’t drink while under a blanket. Plus, they shouldn’t have to cover up.

breastfeeding mom shamed in restaurant

Elizabeth found the Iowa laws on public breastfeeding and contacted Red Robin management. The law states, “a woman may breastfeed the woman’s own child in any public place where the woman’s presence is otherwise authorized.”

She was perfectly within her rights to feed her child in Red Robin. But, the manager made her feel uncomfortable with his words. However, she hopes the extra training Red Robin has promised their staff will change perspectives.

breastfeeding mom shamed in restaurant

“I’m doing the best I can, and I realize to some people it might look a little weird. And I realize, to some people, they might be shocked by it. But all I’m trying to do is nurse my infant,” she said. She hopes to destigmatize breastfeeding in public, as it is a perfectly normal, natural thing to do.

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