Return to top Mom Reveals She’s Having Another Baby, But Son’s Response Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today.

Mom Reveals She’s Having Another Baby, But Son’s Response Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today.

By - 19th January 2018

YouTube is full of videos of pregnancy reveals. Parents telling their kids that they are going to be getting a new baby brother or sister is always adorable and parents want to remember the moment forever. But when Shanee Hart told her young son that she was expecting a new baby, her son’s reaction was absolutely priceless. 

Usually children are excited to get new siblings; after all, babies are cute and it means they get a new playmate for when they’re older. But it seems that young Tre was actually pretty happy with being one of two children and didn’t need another sibling to come and divide his parents’ attention.

As soon as mom announces her pregnancy, Tre holds his head in his hands and exclaims “What were you thinking?!” I bet mom wasn’t expecting that reaction!

While his baby sister, Amiah, sits oblivious in her car seat, Tre explains why he thinks it is ‘exasperating’ that his parents would want another child when they already have two. The little boy is very eloquent and smart in his argument with his mom about why she doesn’t need a third child, but it is clear that the little tyke is worried about being ‘replaced’.

While mommy reassures him that they would never be replaced, he goes on to argue how annoying baby crying is. Luckily they manage to come to some sort of arrangement by the end of the video, but it seems like Tre is going to still take a bit of convincing yet…

Tre’s video became such a hit on YouTube that Ellen DeGeneres saw it and invited him and his mom onto The Ellen Show. And she had a very special surprise for them…

It turns out that Tre’s daddy was in Afghanistan and he wasn’t due to be home again until February the following year. But when the doors in Ellen’s studio opened, they got the biggest shock as Tre’s daddy, William Hart, came through the doors to surprise them.

To say that the reunion is emotional is an understatement. Little Tre doesn’t have to worry about sharing his parents with another sibling; it looks like this family has enough love between them to stretch to many more new additions.

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