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Mom Plays Piano To Son In Hospital Waiting Room, But When Nurse Notices Toddler, She Freezes

By - 23rd April 2018
Duke Cancer Institute

Hospitals and cancer wards are never the happiest of places to be; with so much hardship around it can be difficult to stay positive. But one mom managed to bring happiness and positivity to the Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina, when she sat down to play the piano in the foyer. 

1-year-old Lincoln Tanner may only be tiny, but he’s had a lifetime of pain in his short life. Lincoln suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Malignant Migrating Partial Seizures of Infancy (MMPSI). The poor baby can have as many as 200 seizures in a day. Unfortunately, his condition is terminal.

Despite his tragic condition, Lincoln has a supportive and loving family who do all they can to help him through his condition. This includes his adoring mother, Abby. Abby does anything she can to make him laugh, including entertaining him by singing to him. It was during one of her moments of entertaining her son that she touched the lives of so many people.

When Abby sat down to play the piano to Lincoln, a nurse caught the moment on camera and uploaded the emotional video to the Facebook page for the Duke Cancer Institute. Playing and singing the song ‘Never Enough’ from recent blockbuster ‘The Greatest Showman’, Abby performed beautifully for her ailing son.

Duke Cancer Institute

Abby had taken Lincoln for a neurology appointment that day when she saw the piano with the words ‘Play Me’ on a piece of paper. (She clearly didn’t need to be asked twice.) She knows how Lincoln loves to hear her voice and feel the vibrations of the piano, so she parked his pram up next to the piano and worked her magic.

Since the video was uploaded to the Facebook page, thousands have shared the video and praised Abby for her angelic performance. The video has helped to raise awareness of MMPSI and Lincoln’s difficult journey. We wish them all the health and happiness possible in their journey to living as happy a life as possible.

Watch Abby’s emotional performance in the video below. If you were touched by this show of love as much as thousands of other people, share the video to raise awareness of Lincoln’s condition. A mother’s love is limitless. ?