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Mom Shares Incredible Lifehack For Exhausted Parents

By - 13th September 2019
mom lifehack

Caring for a child can be difficult. You know the drill, you’re busy enough already, and then kids come along! Whether they are tiny and waking up through the night or  Parents need all the help they can get, so check out this lifehack (or momhack) that mom Sheena Turner came up with.

Sheena was carrying around her 8-month-old daughter Kelani Chanel when she had a stroke of genius. She was carrying her in a baby carrier, as is pretty normal for parents. However, her realisation changed everything.

mom lifehack

“I had her in the carrier for about an hour and wanted to prepare lunch,” she explained. “So I thought, ‘something’s got to give.'”

An 8-month-old is not that big or heavy of course, but after an hour of carrying around a bowling ball on your back, it gets tiring. That’s about how much an eight-month-old weighs, Sheena wasn’t also carrying a bowling ball. But, Sheena worried that Kelani would start crying if she was taken out of her beloved carrier. She needed a lifehack, and quick.

mom lifehack

“I scanned the house and I saw the chairs at the bar, but they were too tall and not safe,” she said. “So I scanned the room and noticed the sofa had a center piece. My mind started twirling and I said, ‘Hey, that could work!'”

She creatively strapped the carrier to the sofa, and there she had it! “Magic,” she said. She tricked her daughter into thinking she was still being carried, without worrying about the weight!

mom lifehack

“So spoiled,” Sheena joked on Facebook, followed by a comedic eye-roll emoji. “[She] wants me to sit and hold her, but I’m smarter than that.”

“She’s teething right now, so I think the leather on the chair was soothing. Because when I’m holding her walking around trying to do things, it disturbs her, so she was still uncomfortable.”

mom lifehack

This lifehack worked out best for both mother and daughter, so maybe you should try it for yourself if you’re looking after a little one? Let us know if it works for you in the comments, and share with your family and friends!

Photos courtesy of Sheena Turner.