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Mom Finds 6 Year Old’s Letter To Santa, Puts It Online And Now The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

By - 8th December 2017

No one is more savage than a brutally honest child, and this little boy proved that when he was forced to write a letter to the big man himself, Santa Claus. Most children love Santa. After all, he’s the magical, jolly old man who brings us presents one night a year – what’s not to like? But some of us are more cynical than others and Sarah McCammon’s 6-year-old son is a prime example.

When his class was asked to write a letter to Santa, the 6-year-old begrudgingly followed the task. But he wasn’t going quietly. His mother, Sarah, shared the boy’s hilarious letter to Santa on Twitter and it left the Twitter community in fits of laughter. You’ll see why…

Spelling mistakes and all, Sarah typed up the little boy’s letter, in case any of us can’t understand his handwriting.

Dear Santa, Santa I’m only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty. You dont know the trouble Ive had in my life. Good bye. Love, Im not telling you my name

Excuse me while I compose myself…

Complete with skulls and wreaths drawn in the margins, the little boy has managed to successfully write the most brutal letter to Santa that ever existed. If Santa was reading this, I think he would cry into his milk and cookies.

McCammon was quick to put straight his last sentence, claiming that he has had a lot of troubles in life. She says that the only troubles he has had are with his brother. So nothing too serious then, but something that Santa could clearly never understand.

The hilarious letter received lots of support on Twitter, with other people telling stories of their savage letters to Santa, and some just worshipping the child for his fantastic response.

Santa is still yet to formally respond, but I think it’s safe to say that this child wins this battle.

Don’t worry Santa, there are still billions of people out there who love you. Just not this little guy…

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