Return to top Mom Caught Minnie’s Hands Doing Something Incredible – She Posted Online And Now It’s Going Viral.

Mom Caught Minnie’s Hands Doing Something Incredible – She Posted Online And Now It’s Going Viral.

By - 2nd August 2017

Disneyland, known to most as “the happiest place on Earth” and with millions of families attending the theme parks all over the globe, it’s not a shock to see why it has been given this title. It’s a dream factory, a haven of cartoon happiness; Princesses, animals, attractions and music, it’s almost impossible to find a dissatisfied customer.

It’s loved by millions, but there’s nobody who gets more excited about the prospect of a Disneyland adventure quite like a small child. All their fantasies and dreams come true in a place that inspires creativity and teaches the values of love and friendship.

Though Disneyland tries to cater to each and every person that walks through its turnstile, some people may feel that they might not be able to have the full experience.

For one young boy, his visit created an especially sweet moment just as he had started to lose hope. Thankfully, some well-known characters were there to create the most magical experience possible for him.

The young boy in the video happens to be deaf, and unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find others who can speak sign language.

The video of this adorable floppy haired boy meeting some classic Disney characters is making quite the impression on social media… You may want to grab a tissue just in case.

You see the little guy standing in front of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto as they greet him. Pluto waves an ear to say ‘hello’ to the young boy, but then a female Disneyland employee points the boy in Minnie’s direction after she signals towards him.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse both then follow the female employee’s demonstration then signed to the young boy “It’s nice to meet you” and it had both him and his mother stunned.

Immediately, the young boy was so happy that somebody could talk to him in sign language that he couldn’t help but run to give Minnie a hug… And now it’s melting the hearts of the internet.

His mother was overwhelmed by the thoughtful gesture that meant so much to her whole family.

Once he realised they spoke his language, he couldn’t help but hug them!

Minnie returns the hug, cradling the adorably excited child with her big white paws and then gives him a kiss on the head.

He was at the park on a trip organised by Olive Crest, a nonprofit that works with abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families. The services they offer include counselling, foster care, and transitional living assistance.

“Guys, this kid is the most incredible child I’ve ever met,” his caseworker at Olive Crest said on Facebook. “He is not a big hugger, so that hug for Minnie is something special.”

Something tells me that this boy will be hoping for another visit to the land “where dreams come true“.

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