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This Mom Cat Talks To Her Babies In The Most Adorable Way

By - 19th June 2019

Cat lovers of the world unite! Serial cat rescuers Doug and Sharon rescued cats for years, but one particular mom cat took a special part of their heart. Hildy is a gorgeous rescue cat who gave birth when they took her into their care.

But, what they didn’t expect was how adorable she would be. When next to her kittens, she starts talking to them. And it is the most adorable thing you will ever see! We guarantee it.

mom cat talks to kittens

However, what may be even cuter than Hildy’s talking is her owner Doug. In the video, he is sat on a chair with a blanket on his lap. However, on the blanket are five adorable kittens. Doug is trying to shield them from the drop but also gives them a stroke every so often.

As he watches mom cat Hildy talk to her kittens, he seems like the happiest man in the world. And who can blame him?

Doug and Sharon rescued 2-year-old Hildy from a bike shed. Thanks to them, the mom cat’s kittens have a much higher chance of survival. This is why cat rescuers do what they do, but they’ve been rewarded with this adorable moment.

Thankfully, the couple caught the moment on camera for the rest of us to enjoy as well. Watch the video for the adorable moment. Maybe cats are cleverer than we give them credit for. What’s more, they show a lot of love. They are notorious for being nonchalant and not particularly loving, but this might prove otherwise.

mom cat talks to kittens

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