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Model With Down Syndrome Shows Trolls Who’s Boss

By - 9th May 2019

Companies and marketing teams are finally starting to realise that different people exist. Usually, marketing revolves around thin and/or muscular men and women selling whatever product. Whether it is aftershave or shoes, it’s always the same. However, some companies have started looking to models who are more representative of large parts of the world. Benefit Cosmetics announced their latest star is Kate Grant, a model suffering from Down Syndrome.

Sometimes trolls can get you down, and Kate has suffered as much as anyone, if not more. But, she doesn’t let them get her down, and has instead proved all the haters wrong by landing beauty contract after beauty contract! And now, she’s earned her biggest starring role yet!

Sometimes things can be hard. But for Kate, each setback is just another hurdle to jump over. The 20-year-old is making waves in the fashion and beauty sectors, and her hard work has been rewarded with this huge break.

In the past, Kate has won the Teen Beauty of the World Pageant in 2018, fashion shows at Belfast Fashion Week, and modelled for local magazines in Ireland. The Irish ace also has a hoard of Instagram followers who adore her every post.

However, this is her biggest campaign yet. Kate cannot wait to see their finished adverts for Roller Liner. This liquid eyeliner is hugely popular and could take Kate’s career in modelling to the next level.

Of course, her mom is also really proud, as all moms would be. “She is paving the way for people coming behind her,” Deirdre Grant said.

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That is certainly true! Where do you think Kate will pop up next? New York Fashion Week? London? Next Top Model? Who knows, but her career is definitely going places! She is doing amazing in spite of the setbacks that Down Syndrome can have on a potential career. Sometimes the fashion industry fights against models with Down Syndrome or other disabilities and illnesses. But Kate doesn’t care, and is breaking down barriers with every new job!

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