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Missing Teen Returns Home Thanks To Viral Music Video

By - 2nd September 2019
missing teen returns

400,000 children go missing every single year. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but it’s sadly true. Most of them never go home. Children run away, get lost, or sometimes people take them, and every child’s life lost is as sad as the next. But, thanks to a music video, one child has returned home!

The song in question is Runaway Train 25. It’s a cover of Runaway Train, released in 1983 and originally performed by Soul Asylum. The video featured pictures of missing children in an attempt to raise awareness. We cannot confirm whether it helped or not.

missing teen returns

The 2019 version takes a lot of inspiration from the original. Skylar Grey, Jamie N Commons and Gallant perform the new version, and they decided to make a similar video. However, they did not know the impact their song would have.

“It’s surreal,” said Gallant on the red carpet of the MTV awards. “The main focus is the families, so, you know, I’m really happy that that family gets to have the positive outcome of something that I’m sure was a difficult situation and could have had a tragic outcome.”

Here’s the new version of the song, and the story continues below:

The song received a nomination in the category “Video For Good” due to its message. After its release in May, one featured missing girl had a change of heart. Her friend urged her to reconnect with her family, and she took her advice. Eventually, they were together again, and the reunion was amazing. Who’d have thought it was all down to a song?

Gallant, real name Christopher Gallant, seemed overwhelmed by the impact his song had made. The real-life repercussions were better than anything he could have expected, and it is no wonder the song was nominated in that particular awards category.

missing teen returns

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