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Mischievous Panda Gets Up To No Good With His Caretakers

By - 13th September 2019
mischievous panda

We all know that pandas are one of the most endangered animals in the world. However, they are also the cutest! There are hundreds of videos of pandas being goofy and generally messing about, and this could be one of the best. This mischievous panda is messing with its caretaker, and it’s a barrel of laughs!

Pandas are notorious for their klutzy and clumsy natures, which could explain why they are so endangered. The most recent census from the WWF found there were fewer than 1,900 giant pandas remaining in the wild. However, this number is increasing, if slowly.

mischievous panda

This particular mischievous panda is in captivity at a zoo in Japan. He’s a part of a rehabilitation program, while also educating zoo-goers about the pandas’ plight. It also seems that they’re the zoo’s resident jokers.

If you notice in the video, the caretakers and zookeepers wear little panda hats. They look super cute, but there’s a real reason behind them. They wear these to make pandas more comfortable in their presence. It’s not that the pandas think the caretakers are other pandas, but their hats make them more recognisable and comfortable.

mischievous panda

This mischievous panda escaped from his caretakers’ grasp and slid down the ditch in his enclosure. While this was clearly great fun, he couldn’t get out! His kind caretaker offered her hand to help him up, which he gratefully took.

However, he just slid back down! This is the kind of goofy mischief pandas are known for, but the video is too funny not to watch! Imagine being at the zoo while this was going on. It would have been unbelievably funny.

mischievous panda

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