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Breathtaking Video Shows 9 Months In The Womb In Under 5 Minutes – It Will Blow Your Mind

By - 26th October 2018

One of the true miracles that we all take for granted has to be the miracle of creating life. There’s nothing more incredible than a newborn baby. And the process from fertilization to the actual miracle of birth is one of the most incredible cycles in the world.

Seeing a newborn baby can put a smile on even the toughest faces but we all take for granted the 9 months of growing the baby does before it comes into the world. Sandra Chami Kassis, an author from Lebanon says:

You never understand life until it grows inside of you.

But what is the growth of a fetus actually like? Well, we can’t show you 9 months – that would take far too long. But we can show you a sped up process of 9 months condensed into a four and a half minute video.

So what does the process from fertilization to birth look like?

Of course, the process all starts with fertilization where the sperm meets the egg, then the little fetus starts to develop. It’s bizarre seeing just how we start out, we look like a cross between a seal and a seahorse before we start growing our limbs.

By 8 weeks, your baby will start to develop visible limbs and the fingers and toes will be on their way shortly after. At this point, the fetus is around half an inch. Though that is tiny, the basic structure is growing, the lungs, liver, stomach, face, and neck will start to kick in. In fact, you can see the ears and eyelids start to form.

By week 12 the baby is around 2 inches and the sexual organs become clearer.

At week 16 the baby now has their own unique fingerprints. The heart and blood vessels are fully formed and it now has the ability to blink. By week 20, most women are now going for an ultrasound at the doctor’s. At 24 weeks you may feel a little hiccup and your baby is now more reactive to sounds.

By the 28th week, many parents start signing up for birthing classes. The average baby weighs around 2 pounds and 6 ounces. At this point, pre-term babies have a good chance of survival at this point should they come early.

By week 36, most babies are positioned downward, they weigh around 6 pounds and are about 18.5 inches long. The brain continues to rapidly develop and the lungs are almost fully developed.

By week 40 the miracle of birth happens – your baby is born!

A full-term pregnancy can last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks, if it extends past this time a doctor will likely induce labor.

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