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You’ll Cry Tears Of Joy Watching These War Heroes Reunite With Their Families In Emotional Compilation

By - 3rd October 2018

There’s one guilty pleasure in life that I just can’t stop myself from watching. I’m sure most of you also feel the same – it’s watching military homecoming videos. I know, it sounds silly, but nothing makes me smile more (or well up) than watching some truly heartwarming military reunions with their family, friends, and pets. 

I don’t know what it is, but seeing family members reunite with their loved ones who are fighting overseas is something that really does bring a tear to your eye.

You see kids run to their dads, husbands flock to their wives, and dogs going crazy when their owners come home. It’s just the purest form of love captured in some quick home videos but they really do tug on your heartstrings.

You feel invested in their family, you root for them, you sit watching in anticipation, waiting for a mom’s reaction to her son appearing behind her while she’s at work.

Be warned, these military reunions may reduce you to tears.

military reunions
Military reunions have to be one of my biggest guilty pleasure. I love seeing people reunited with their loved ones.

These military reunions come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen fathers surprise their sons at graduations, brothers turn up at their sister’s weddings and mom’s turn up to shock their children in schools.

Each surprise return is beautiful, each one touching and each one will bring a tear to your eye. Seeing the face of shock when they first realize it’s them is unbelievably brilliant. Then seeing sheer elation in a mother’s eyes, when they know their kids are safe, is a joy.

And it’s not just humans, the family pets also get super excited when their humans return to them. We recommend you watch this compilation below. But get the tissues ready!

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