Return to top Navy Officer Is Live On ‘Today Show’ When Asked To Read Teleprompter, Breaks Down As He Delivers News

Navy Officer Is Live On ‘Today Show’ When Asked To Read Teleprompter, Breaks Down As He Delivers News

By - 31st May 2018

Now there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye and fill my heart with joy – military homecoming videos. I’m sure you all share the same feelings. These very emotional surprises between service people and their families are truly magical.

Never fear, there are always plenty of military homecoming videos for your viewing pleasure if you ever feel like you’ve run out or just need to smile and cry all at the same time.

But this video has to be one of our favourites that we’ve seen so far. Why? Because this navy officer announced his own surprise on live television without realising the surprise was for him!

Navy Officer Devon Turner from San Diego had made his way to New York City for Fleet Week. Devon joined other service members for a morning segment at the Today Show Plaza.

This would be a military homecoming surprise they would never forget

military homecoming surprise

The show was hosted by Carson Daly and it gave the opportunity for some service members to send their loved-ones a message who they can’t reunite with yet. But there was one serviceman who would be receiving an extra special surprise – one he had absolutely no idea about.

Daly turned his attention to Officer Turner and interviewed him on camera about what he missed the most while he’s on duty. Naturally, he immediately mentions how much he misses his two kids and his wife, Stephanie. Daly then asked Officer Turner to read the teleprompter and “do the news.”

“Our top story this morning is Fleet Week. As our ships sailed to New York, people from all over came to honor the military, including one family who travelled all the way from San Diego to surprise their husband and father, Devon Turner.”

Carson Daly had the biggest surprise up his sleeve, as he was reading the message, Devon’s family ran into the shot to give him a big hug. Even the kids had no idea this surprise would be happening, only Carson and Stephanie knew this would be happening.

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