Return to top Little Boy Receives Giant Christmas Present, But Has No Idea His Military Daddy Is Waiting Inside

Little Boy Receives Giant Christmas Present, But Has No Idea His Military Daddy Is Waiting Inside

By - 17th December 2018

The Christmas period is all about being together as a family and bringing everyone together in harmony. For some families, however, that can be a challenge. I’m sure everybody who is in (or knows) a military family will know that it’s hard to get everybody together. Thankfully, one family got a military homecoming surprise for Christmas.

One lucky boy got the present he’d been dreaming of. But it wasn’t money, flash clothes or the hottest new toy – it was his dad coming home for Christmas. Now his reaction has the internet moved to tears and we can see why. Well, we can barely see because we’re crying too…

For most families, there’s no place like home when it comes to the holidays. But not all military families have that luxury. Twitter user Jadin Hart posted the video of her nephew standing in front of a massive present. He was told that he was allowed to open his gift 10 days early.

Jadin said her nephew had only asked for one thing this Christmas – for his dad to come home

military homecoming surprise at Christmas

Sat there in the room, was a giant wrapped box. The boy began to unwrap it with anticipation. Curious as to what was inside, the boy tore through the paper very slowly until he got to the box. Clearly, he was savoring the moment for the big reveal.

When he finally unwrapped the box, he stared into it wondering what could be inside. Then, in a mound of tissue paper, his dad burst out the box dressed in his military uniform.

The boy received a military homecoming surprise for Christmas from his dad

As soon as he was out, the little boy jumped straight into his arms for a hug and he wouldn’t let go. The two were caught in a beautiful embrace between a father and his young son. This is the true meaning of Christmas and it’s beautiful to see.

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