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Dog Found In The Woods Was Sent To Kill Shelter, Now He’s About To Become Part Of The Royal Family

By - 18th May 2018

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner and it’s been setting the internet ablaze with stories by the minute. But here’s one ‘rags to riches’ story that you may have missed that will definitely melt your heart. This weekend Meghan Markle will embark on her new journey as the wife of Prince Harry and becoming a princess herself. But there’s somebody else who will be tagging along on the adventure – Meghan Markle’s dog, Guy the beagle.

Guy the beagle went from being on a kill list at an animal shelter to becoming one of the most seen dogs on Instagram, walking alongside Meghan Markle.

Alison Preiss of Pet Valu said, “It’s a total fairytale”. Alison works at the Ontario pet store where the rescue dog was adopted by Meghan in 2015.

“Here is this dog that was in a shelter, nobody wanted him, and through this wonderful adoption he’s now living in a palace, running around with the royal family.”

Meghan Markle’s dog has been on quite the journey

Guy the beagle’s journey began after a shelter in the US sent an email to Dolores Doherty who runs an Ontario-based organisation – A Dog’s Dream Rescue. The organisation saves beagles that have been registered to be put down in the US and then brings them to Canada to be adopted.

This time, a shelter in Kentucky was asking if she would be interested in taking in a 17lb beagle that had been found in the woods. Sadly, after he’d spent days in the shelter, nobody had come forward to adopt him. Unfortunately, the dog was on the euthanasia list. ” I always say yes, I can’t say no. I’m a sucker” said Doherty.

Dolores and her network of volunteers managed to transport the dog over 500 miles to the Canadian border. Each person driving for an hour before handing him to the next waiting car till he got there.

Gus hadn’t been in Canada for a full day before Dolores brought him to an adoption event on the outskirts of Toronto.

“He was just sitting there with those big beagle sad eyes, looking so depressed. He was irresistible,”

Many people turned up to the adoption day, including one future- princess.

Dolores had asked to carry out a home visit for Meghan Markle’s dog to make sure it was going to be in an adequate home. When she started seeing Meghan post pictures of her and Gus the beagle on Instagram, she suddenly realised it had gone to a good home.

Once the news had broken of Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry, Dolores was overwhelmed with the idea that one of her dogs would be joining the royal family.

“It’s just beyond my wildest imagination,” Dolores said. “How is that for a ‘rags to riches’ story from a good old Kentucky beagle?”

Gus the beagle was on his way to join Meghan’s new royal life

In November of last year, Prince Harry’s communication secretary confirmed that Guy the beagle had moved to the UK and was living with Meghan. Markle’s other dog Bogard is believed to be too old to make the journey across the Atlantic. But thankfully, he will be staying with Meghan’s close friends.

Meghan Markle’s dog Guy now ranks as the most famous of Dolores’ rescue dogs. But he’s not the only one with a remarkable story.

Of the 1,600+ dogs that Doherty’s organization have rescued in the past 7 years, some of gone on to great things. Some became cancer detection dogs while others become support animals for those with depression or panic attacks. Other pups even made the journey into becoming trained detection dogs across the Canada-US border.

“The dogs that have come up here have really impacted a lot of lives. So there’s a lot of happy endings, but his certainly is the most outstanding.”

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