Return to top Here’s The Incredible Moment Meghan Markle Spots Her Old Teacher In The Crowd After Her Wedding.

Here’s The Incredible Moment Meghan Markle Spots Her Old Teacher In The Crowd After Her Wedding.

By - 22nd May 2018

When it comes to high-profile weddings, there’s been one that’s been on everybody’s lips this week. That is, of course, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which happened on Saturday. The event was watched by an estimated two billion people around the world, making this the fourth most-viewed royal wedding in history.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets for parties, celebration and to capture a glimpse of the newly-weds passing by in a horse-drawn carriage.

One person who had a particularly amazing moment caught on camera was Gigi Perreau. Gigi showed up amongst the crowds at Windsor castle to show her support for the happy couple. However, she had a tie to one of them that made this special. Meghan Markle was Gigi’s former drama student.

Gigi, a 77-year-old actress and former teacher mentored Meghan when she was at school. But Gigi hadn’t seen the Suits star in years.

Perreau had been invited to Windsor for the celebrations in order to act as a guest contributor for ITV network’s coverage of the wedding.

Would Meghan Markle spot Gigi Perreau in the crowd of thousands?

Gigi was waiting for the carriage to come down The Long Walk (a 2.6-mile pathway that runs through the park to Windsor Castle). She was asked, “Do you think she’ll recognise you?”

Moments later, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex passed by and Gigi got her answer. Out of the thousands of people in the crowd, Meghan caught Gigi’s eye as she went passed and you could see her saying “Oh my God!” in disbelief.

Alex Beresford, a weatherman and TV personality managed to capture the moment on camera. Perreau looked absolutely thrilled by Meghan recognising her in the crowd and she was left beaming ear to ear.

For most people, the Royal Wedding will be a day to remember. For Gigi, that moment will last a lifetime.

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