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Happiest is a publisher that aims to help our audience be a better, happier version of themselves. With all the negativity of the traditional news cycle, we strive to be different and highlight the most positive things happening around the world.

Gender and Age of Our Audience

73% Female 27% Male

The majority of our audience are Females aged 45+. This is an audience with ample disposable income, that love to shop both online and off.

What Devices Do Our Audience Use?

82.8% Mobile Phones
8.9% Desktops
8.3% Tablets

The vast majority of our content is consumed through mobile phones and tablet devices.


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At Happiest we always strive to discover and deliver to our audiences the most viral, smile inducing content, that is the front page of the internet for that day. This helps us consistently drive tens of millions of video views every month.

Where in the World is Our Audience?

73% United States
7% United Kingdom
7% Canada
4% Australia
9% Other

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