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McHive – The World’s Smallest McDonald’s Is Now Open

By - 24th May 2019

Bees are dying at an alarming rate. In the USA, we lost an estimated 44% of bee colonies in 2016 alone. The latest figures are yet to be released, but it doesn’t look good. However, McDonald’s has started doing its bit to help.

The decline in bee populations could spell disaster for all life on the planet. Bees pollinate millions of plants every day, which spreads the pollen and helps plant life to continue. Now we eat those plants, our food eats those plants, and without those plants, life may not survive. Bees are important, okay? They pollinate around 80% of our crops. Imagine four-fifths of our food being wiped out with the bees.

mcdonald's make tiny restaurant for bees

McDonald’s in Sweden has started doing something about it. Many of their restaurants have beehives on their rooves or wildflowers that attract and house bees in their gardens. But one restaurant has gone a step further.

McDonald’s commissioned a professional carpenter to build them a tiny version of their restaurant. The Swedish model has a tiny sign, a tiny drive-thru, and even tiny adverts in the windows! You can’t say that it isn’t impressive! What’s more, the model is also a beehive.

mcdonald's make tiny restaurant for bees

Bees are already loving it, and McDonald’s hopes that it will provide a bee-friendly environment. In turn, that may boost bee populations in the area and whole country. It’s great to see big brands doing such important conservation work, especially to do with bees. After all, it is likely that their mega-farms filled with pesticides have contributed to the bees’ decline in numbers.

It is so important to do something in return. Especially something that looks as cute as this. It’s so tiny!

mcdonald's make tiny restaurant for bees

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