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Pit Bull Puppy Is So Happy To Leave Shelter, And She Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail With Excitement

By - 11th May 2018

When Matilda the pit bull arrived at the Douglas County Animal Shelter, staff immediately noticed something special about her. This little dog was always happy, smiling and wagging her tail at all time.

Why is this out of the ordinary? Well, Matilda hadn’t had the best start at life. Matilda spent the first 2 months of her life living as a stray in Georgia.

When the shelter picked her up, she had skin irritations and worms in her stomach. However, even though she was under the weather, Matilda’s tail kept wagging.

Santina Sanders, a volunteer at Douglas County Animal Shelter shared a video of Matilda on her Facebook page to showcase the pup’s loving nature.

“She gave the most sweetest kisses, she was the cutest thing ever.” 

Matilda the pit bull

Everybody wanted a piece of Matilda, the internet had fallen in love with her smile and wagging tail. However, there was one thing that made Matilda the pit bull stop wagging her tale.

Matilda didn’t like wearing collars. The second one went on, her tail stopped wagging. It turns out that it irritated her sore skin so they quickly took it off.

Apart from the collar, Matilda is loving her life at her foster home. She loves napping with her new siblings and playing with her toys. Matilda the pit bull has even managed to befriend her new neighbours.

Matilda the pit bull also loves helping her human foster brother with his homework. Sure, she doesn’t understand algebra, but she’s always there for moral support. What more could you want in a dog?!

Matilda the pit bull

Don’t forget to watch Matilda the pit bull wagging her tail with glee in the video below. Is your dog permanently happy? At Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?