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Man Builds ‘Glitter Boobytrap’ And Films Christmas Package Thieves Getting What They Deserve

By - 20th December 2018

I’m sure most of you have heard about the ongoing dramas with people who steal Amazon packages from people’s porches. It really angers me because it’s such needless theft that people think is okay.

In fact, those who get caught come up with weak excuses like “I was just looking after it for them” or “I was keeping it safe until they came home”. No, you’re a thief, don’t lie.

It’s wrong to steal and it’s wrong to steal Amazon packages. And now, a lot of people are getting caught, but what’s better is that some people are getting their own back!

So if you’re planning on stealing Amazon packages from anybody (which you shouldn’t), make sure you don’t take Mark Rober’s mail because there will be consequences.

Mark Rober is an engineer and YouTube star and he really knows his stuff when it comes to building gadgets and devices. Mark Rober actually helped design the Mars Rover.

So when he noticed that people were stealing his Amazon packages, Mark decided to come up with the perfect way of catching thieves in the act. And it’s utterly brilliant!

In his video which has now gone viral, Mark says that he reported the crime to the local police who said they didn’t have time to investigate the incident. Rober had even done most of the work for them by capturing the criminals on his home surveillance camera.

However, the police didn’t want to chase it up. So Mark Rober decided to become a vigilante to try and deter Amazon thieves to help others.

But what did he do to stop them? Well, Mark created a cunning glitter explosive inside a fake Amazon package. Yes, it sounds simple, but this was a real complex design he came up with.

He used incredibly fine glitter which you can never fully get rid of. It gets stuck to fibers, crevices and everything – worst of all, it’s hard for vacuum cleaners to pick them up. The device would spray glitter everywhere once the package was opened.

But he wasn’t done there, not only does it spray glitter, after 30 seconds of being opened, the device then sprays 5 squirts of potent fart spray. But it gets better, this happens every 30 seconds. So even if you survive the glitter prank, you’re going to be savaged by the smell.

And if that still wasn’t enough for you, the device has 4 iPhones inside. They film from each angle when the box is opened so he can catch the culprits in the act. The iPhones all have tracking enabled and are linked to the internet.

Don’t forget to watch Mark Rober use his glitter prank boxes to catch Amazon package thieves in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the articles in the comment section. ?