Return to top Hall Of Marines Raise The Roof With Passionate Rendition Of ‘Days Of Elijah’

Hall Of Marines Raise The Roof With Passionate Rendition Of ‘Days Of Elijah’

By - 10th July 2018

Singing can be one of the most therapeutic things you can do to calm the soul. It can be a way to share a message or uplift yourself and others. These Marines sing a hymn to help create unity and togetherness.

These Marines are singing ‘Days of Elijah’ to lift their spirits and stand together in solidarity. This feel-good and heartwarming video took place at Camp Pendleton where the Marines are enthusiastically belting out the well-known Christian worship song.

Marines sing a hymn all as one with such passion

Together, the Marines all wave their hands in unison, partaking in minor dance moves and shouting “Oorah!” in pure solidarity. You can feel the sense of pride and togetherness amongst these young men in the California military installation.

Marines sing a hymn
Marines singing a hymn with passion in solidarity at the Caruso Memorial Chapel at Camp Pendleton

Merrie Pardee Baldwin who posted the video to Facebook said “Participatory worship. I love how excited the men get to sing this song & the camaraderie.”

Baldwin again posted the video on the Facebook page for the Caruso Memorial Chapel at Camp Pendleton.

This is one of my favorite things about coming each month for the Faith Warrior service. I love to see the camaraderie & how participatory worship is. They bless me MUCH more than they know.

I don’t know about you, but this put a big smile on our faces. Even though they’re all away from their families, together they have become brothers in their shared experience. That’s what makes this hymn all the more poignant.

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