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Mans Singing Causes Whales To Rush To Surface, When He Dives In, That’s When The Real Show Starts

By - 12th December 2017

On most people’s bucket lists, I’m fairly sure that swimming with some sort of sea creature is pretty high on the list. While most people will arrange a swimming experience with trained animals, like dolphins, this journalist set out for the real experience. And it turned out to be the experience of a lifetime! Scottish journalist, Paul English, set out on his kayak across the waters of Churchill River, Manitoba. With a GoPro strapped to his head, he set out into the calm waters of Canada, hoping that he may get to experience the beluga whales local to the waters.

The beluga whales are known for their hypnotic singing, and so Paul began to jokingly sing out into the air himself. But he got the shock of his life, when all of a sudden, a white beluga whale came to the surface and bumped his kayak.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck as he reached out to touch the beautiful creature. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by beluga whales, who had been drawn to him by his singing. I guess Paul didn’t know he could actually speak ‘whale’…

Spurred on by the incredible connection he had made with the whales, English decided he wanted to take the extra step. Jumping into the water, Paul swam amongst the whales, singing more sweet tunes to the gentle giants, and incredibly, the whales began to sing right back!

While some people may be terrified by the idea of swimming with wild whales, English had nothing to fear as he swam among them and was welcomed into their pod. The whole experience looks utterly amazing; a truly once in a lifetime moment!

Watch the video for yourself to witness Paul’s fantastic encounter. If you were as amazed by this video as we were, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. ?