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Both Man’s Beloved Dogs Died Days Apart. But After Weeks Of Grief He Receives Tearjerking Surprise

By - 17th November 2017

When a dog passes away it is heartbreaking, so when you have two pass away close to each other it is an especial shock to the system. This dad was devastated by the loss of his beloved dogs, so his wife and daughter came up with a plan to cheer him up for his birthday. 

When James Xuereb’s two family dogs, Lucy and Nemo, passed away within 3 weeks of each other he struggled to cope with the grief of them suddenly not being in his life. Both poorly pups died of congestive heart failure and old age, leaving the family dog-less for the first time in many years.

With James’ birthday coming up, his wife, Wanda, and his daughter, Jaleen, decided that they needed to get something for his birthday to help him get through his sorrow. Handing unsuspecting James his birthday card, they instructed him to read the card before he got his present.

As soon as James opened up the envelope and saw the image on the front of his card, he instantly burst into tears. He could barely see through his tears to read the message inside so his daughter had to read the message out loud for him.

No, I’m not Nemo, nor could I ever be Lucy. My mommy brought me to bring some happiness back into your life… so as we walk through this journey of life together, may we create our own wonderful memories and rekindle the beautiful memories that you had with Nemo and Lucy.


After Jaleen read out the touching message, Wanda brought out the gorgeous Bichon puppy named Lumo (a combination of Nemo and Lucy) and placed him in James’ arms. He is clearly overwhelmed with emotion as he cuddles the new member of their family, mourning for the loss of his previous dogs and welcoming this new member into the family.

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