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Manatee Surprises Paddleboarders With Friendly Greeting

By - 30th April 2019

A manatee is known as the “cow of the sea”. This is mostly due to their size and stature, which is honestly quite formidable. Paddleboarders, on the other hand, are people who stand up on large boards and float around on seas, lakes and rivers. The boards themselves are like big, floaty surfboards. However, they never expected this…

Celine Chasteen and her friend were enjoying themselves paddleboarding in Jupiter, Florida when they were joined by a legendary sea cow. The lumbering manatee decided to join the boarders for some revelry. Check out the video below to even see it put its flippers playfully onto the paddleboard!

manatee surprises paddleboarders

Chasteen and her friend were loving the attention and continued to paddle with their new friends. The manatee is so rare it is a protected species. This means you should not harass, touch, or follow one if you see it.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission commended Chasteen and her friend for their reactions to the creatures. They laughed and enjoyed the company, but did not touch.

manatee surprises paddleboarders

In fact, one viewer commented on the video, “Good for them for not touching it, trying to jump in [or] try to ride it and just enjoy the moment [sic]”.

Luckily, Chasteen’s friend managed to catch the rare encounter on video, to preserve forever. The pair are giggling with excitement, but are sensible enough to refrain from touching.

manatee surprises paddleboarders

It goes to show that manatees are not always shy, and if you mind your own business you could see one too. This is by far the best way to experience nature. Also, you are doing no harm to the animals or natural environments you are in.

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