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Dad With Alzheimer’s Doesn’t Recognise Son, But As His Favourite Song Plays, It All Comes Rushing Back

By - 9th April 2018

In August of 2016, a video of a father and son went viral online. The video is a heartwarming ‘carpool karaoke‘ duet with Simon McDermott and his 80-year-old father Ted.

In his youth, Ted was working as a redcoat at various holiday parks around the UK working as a singer and entertainer. He was known as the ‘song a minute man’ for his sheer power, endurance and dedication to continue to sing song after song for his audience.

But this heart-warming video harbours quite a sad backstory. Ted was sadly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia leaving his memory riddled with confusion and self-doubt. He struggled to remember his family members, his hobbies and interests and even his own personal history which left him and his family feeling empty.

Ted’s wife Linda and his son Simon were worried that they were losing their dad. He was becoming introverted and couldn’t connect with his family as he felt lost most of the time. That’s when Simon had a great idea to try and reignite his father’s zest for life.

Knowing that his dad was a renowned singer, Simon wanted to help his dad find his passions again. As Ted’s Alzheimer’s began to take its toll, Simon would take his dad for a drive while listening to classic songs from Ted’s youth.

On some days Ted would struggle to remember his own name, let alone his family members. But something about the music seemed to jolt his memory, furthermore, he could remember every lyric and would belt them out to his son Simon.

Watch Ted with Alzheimer’s sing duet with his son, Simon below

It was like getting his dad back, Simon was so overwhelmed by the revelations that music had. It’s crazy that his dad can perfectly recite songs from his youth when just moments before he was struggling to remember who his wife was. Simon knew that his father was still with him.

Ted and Simon sang one of Ted’s favourite songs from his youth, “Quando Quando Quando” by Englebert Humperdink. Simon’s face throughout the video just showcases how happy he is to see his dad back on form.

Simon uploaded the video with a link to donate for The Alzheimer’s Society and thanks to the 4 million views from the video, he decided to film more and continue to raise donations for the charity.

Pride of Britain

man with Alzheimer's sings duet with son
Simon collecting the ‘Pride of Britain’ award on behalf of his father Ted. The award was given to him by Sir Cliff Richard and Dame Joan Collins

Simon and Ted even received a Pride Of Britain award for their charity work and the amount of awareness they have raised for such a sad disease. Alzheimer’s affects everyone, not just the person with the disease, it’s also hard as a family member to watch your loved one slowly forget you.

Ted, the ‘Song A Minute Man’, has recorded his first album

Ted has now signed a deal with a record company to record his favourite songs to raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society and he recorded his album at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

‘Teddy Mac’ with a copy of his first recorded album outside Abbey Road Studios

Though he’s not 100% clear about everything that’s going on, it was his dream to record an album. To record at a place as prestigious as this is a phenomenal honour. We can’t help but fall in love with Ted’s bravery and charm.

If you want to learn more about their backstory, follow the link here to see more: From here, you can purchase his album, learn about the family and help raise awareness of the sad disease that is Alzheimer’s.

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