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Man Threatens To Snitch On A Pair Of Brawling Kangaroos – Their Reaction Will Crack You Up

By - 22nd December 2017

If we came across a kangaroo fight in the wild, we would probably steer well clear. Kangaroos can grow to be over 6 feet tall and are well known for being very strong and aggressive when they feel threatened. But when this man saw two kangaroos fighting outside his home, he wasn’t afraid to put them in their place.

Two kangaroos kept coming into Colin Chapman’s yard in Queensland, Australia, and picking fights with each other. So the next time he caught them in the act, he decided to get out his phone and record them in the act along with his own running commentary. And luckily for us, he uploaded the video to the internet for us all to enjoy.

The fight begins with the two kangaroos grabbing each other’s chests, with their heads flung backwards to avoid any punches thrown. It gradually becomes a dirtier fight as they start kicking at one another with their long, strong legs, and Colin knows that he will have to break them up soon.

Talking over the top of their antics, Colin creates a scene in his head of the two males arguing over a girl they’ve both been seeing. When the fight gets a bit more serious, he decides enough is enough and opens up the window like an angry mom would.

Throwing open the window, Colin calls out into the yard “Hey, cut it out!” and the boisterous kangaroos stop dead in their tracks. They stare at Colin as he shames them for their antisocial behaviour and even threatens to tell their parents.

Snitching on them to their parents seems to be a step too far and the kangaroos decide that they better run away while they can. The kangaroos quickly make haste, hopping back into the bush.

Watch the video below to see the hilarious interaction – I bet you can’t watch it without laughing out loud! Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. ?