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Man Spots Something Run Into The Flames, Then Seconds Later Risks His Life In Act Of True Bravery

By - 8th December 2017

If you haven’t seen the terrifying scenes from California’s current wildfires, then be sure to look them up! The fires have been ravaging the land and people have lost homes and belongings in horrific blazes. But from the flames has emerged a hero, who proves that good can still be found in the worst of times.

Numerous wild fires have been spreading through California; the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, the Rye Fire in Santa Clarita, the Creek Fire near Sylmar, the Little Mountain Fire in San Bernardino and most recently, the Skirball Fire near Bel Air. Destroying the land and everything in their paths, over 200,000 people have had to flee their homes.

The pictures and videos of the horrific blazes look like something straight from an apocalyptic movie, and to a lot of families affected, it is the end of the world as they know it.

There have been many stories of people pulling together to get those who can’t protect themselves to safety, and a recent example occurred on a Ventura County highway near La Conchita.

When a man spotted a wild rabbit run into the flames, he knew that the innocent animal would perish in the flames. So without hesitation, he jumped out of his car and ran towards the burning brush.

The man tries in vain to catch the poor rabbit and lead it to safety, but the rabbit is so panicked that it runs around the flames frantically. Clutching his head in desperation and pacing anxiously, the man eventually manages to chase down the rabbit and lift it up gently, bringing it away from the flames.

The man carried the shaken creature to safety up Highway 1, away from the destruction. The rabbit was very lucky that it had a brave hero come to its aid, otherwise it probably would have had a sadder ending to its story.

Everyone who witnessed the event has hailed the man a hero, for putting himself in harms way to save the small animal. The man declined to give an on-camera interview, so perhaps we’ll never find out the true identity of this good samaritan. But I guess it makes sense, after all, heroes wear masks for a reason.

Watch the video to see the amazing moments where the man rushes into the flames to rescue the wild rabbit. It will restore your faith in humanity to see him put his life at risk in such a scary time.

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