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Man Rescues Tiny Chipmunk After Huge Fall, Hours Later Moms Seen Looking For Her Baby

By - 15th June 2018

At around 9 am, a man was enjoying a cup of tea on his terrace. As he looked over the edge of his balcony to the street below, he spotted a tiny baby chipmunk lying on the doorstep to his house. Immediately, he rushed downstairs to try and pick it up so that it wouldn’t become dinner to a stray cat or dog.

baby chipmunk

The man softly cupped his hands around the tiny creature and cleaned it up and brought it inside as it had fallen into a drain from its nest. He brought the creature inside for safety.

Despite the baby chipmunk’s tiny frame, it looked like a fighter

The creature looked extremely stressed and it couldn’t muster up enough strength to jump out of his hands to return to the great outdoors. After a couple of minutes, it got cosy in his hands and gently lulled itself to sleep.

The man went to the medical store and bought a small dropper to feed the baby some milk. He went on YouTube to find the best way to feed a baby chipmunk, in fact, he learnt some pretty good tips.

He wanted to make the creature feel at home

Home comforts would definitely help this startled creature, so he built a tiny house from an old shoebox. Inside, he had laid out some cotton and placed it on the small creature for comfort. At random intervals through the day, he would check on the chipmunk to make sure it was alright.

He was thrilled when he found that the animal felt safe and relaxed in his company. Within a few hours, he noticed the baby chipmunk was playing inside the box and regaining all of its energy.

The curious chipmunk began to investigate its new surroundings

When he took it out of the box, it immediately jumped up on to his shoulders and began inspecting him, he knew he was in safe hands.

It wasn’t long before the man noticed another chipmunk approaching him. Instantly, he realised this other, larger chipmunk was the mother of his new furry friend.

baby chipmunk and mother

The mother seemed quite cautious of the human holding her child

He knew she was afraid, but she still approached cautiously. She looked at him intently then touched his hands softly as if she was thanking him for saving her baby’s life.

“I felt a lump in my throat and an indescribable feeling of love and respect for that tiny creature. She checked her baby and kissed her zillion times. It was truly an incredible sight!”

Check out this touching reunion between a mother and her baby chipmunk in the video below. It’s a truly adorable sight to behold.

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