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Man Rescues Abandoned Grizzly Bear Cub, Years Later Is The Best Man At His Wedding

By - 4th April 2018

Time and time again, we share heart-warming stories of humans that have special bonds with animals. Whether it be domesticated pets like cats and dogs or more intriguing animals like deer and monkeys. Some people even grow attachments to an 800lb best friend.

One man, however, likes to live a little more dangerous than most. Which is easy to see why when you see who he’s hanging about with.

Casey Anderson was out in the wild, curiously exploring the many wonders of the world when he found himself having a bewildering encounter. Casey had found an abandoned grizzly bear cub all alone in the wilderness with no sign if a mother in sight.

Rather than doing what most would do which would be to flee, Casey felt he had a duty to help the abandoned cub. It was this good deed that gave Casey one of the best friends he’s ever had.

800lb best friend

He began to take care of the bear which Casey named ‘Brutus’. This marked the beginning of an unbelievable friendship. So much so that I had to watch the video below to fully understand the extent of their friendship.

Over the next few years, Casey and Brutus’ relationship blossomed like no other I have seen. They have total trust in each other and look out for each other.

As a cub, Brutus spent most of his childhood living in Casey’s home. But when he became too large to stay inside, Casey wasn’t ready to let him go.

Casey let him live outside for a while but their bond remained strong. Furthermore, Casey ended up building the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. He wanted this to be a place where people could learn more about bears and wildlife.

I strongly recommend watching the video below to see the true extent of their phenomenal friendship. It will blow your mind!

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