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When This Hiker Spotted An Abandoned Puppy In A Canyon, He Never Knew It’d Instantly Change His Life

By - 20th June 2018

At Happiest, we do love a good rescue story, you know that. But this one is something pretty special but quite sad at the same time. Thankfully this creature was found just in time. This rescued dog in a cave was moments from death before one observant man spotted him.

While on a scenic woodland hike, one man called Kent started looking down into the depths of some truly deep and mysterious caverns and canyons. But he found something he never expected to find down there – he saw a dog!

Down in the depths of a dark and seemingly bottomless canyon, one hiker spotted something out of the ordinary. He saw movement down in the cave.

The hiker had found a very weak abandoned puppy

The canyon was a very narrow and dark space going 350 feet down! How on Earth could that dog have gotten there?!

When the hiker examined the frail pup, he noticed that the dog didn’t have any cuts or broken bones so it couldn’t have fallen down the vast canyon. He thinks that the dog must have been abandoned and left to die.

Kent managed to get food and water down to the dog until he could return the day after with climbing rope and gear to try and rescue the pup.

“There is no way I’m just going to let him die without at least trying to help him.”

The very next day, Kent returned with rope and safety equipment

Kent was determined to rescue this troubled pup from its lonesome prison. He used an ATV to support the rope as he climbed down the sheer drop.

Thankfully, Kent managed to make it to the bottom of the canyon without any injury, but when he got to the bottom, he realised it was a vast maze of tunnels and narrow passageways.

Kent went down with a dog basket and he managed to entice the very weak dog into the cage. Though the rescued dog in a cave was safe with him, it doesn’t mean it was out of the clear just yet. The pup was suffering.

“You could count his individual ribs… The skin had just collapsed to nothing, it was horrible,”

This gorgeous pup was too weak to stand up, but he still wagged his tail with glee as a thank you for the brave rescue.

What happened to the rescued dog in a cave next?

Kent couldn’t bear to leave the dog alone again, he knew there was only one thing to do. So he adopted the pup and welcomed him into his family.

rescued dog in a cave
Kent the hiker and the lovable little pup he rescued

But the story doesn’t end there. Check out the video to see what happened to the rescued dog in a cave and where his next adventures take him – he even got a new sibling to play with and love.

Healthy and happy, this gorgeous pup had a very lucky escape!

Don’t forget to watch this adorable and brave rescued dog in a cave in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?