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Curious Baby Bear Wanders Out Of Woods And Up To Golfer, Has An Unusual Request

By - 6th July 2018

Some days you just need a hug, a little gesture that can go a long way. But how would you feel about getting a bear hug on a golf course? Sure, that could be cute, but by a real bear?! I would be running for the hills!

Adorable yet quite scary footage has emerged of a young bear cub running across a golf course towards two golfers. Naturally, they don’t run as they don’t want to aggravate the animal so they keep perfectly still.

So what do you do when you see a bear coming, I know I would want to flee as quickly as possible. But if you stay still they should leave you alone… Not this bear cub though.

A man receives a bear hug on a golf course from a small cub

Maybe the animal was in need of some golfing tips, or maybe the golfer just needed some TLC and the bear could see that. I’m sure they got quite a surprise when they spotted the black bear cub running across the green towards them.

bear hug on a golf course

The bear cub’s mother was nowhere to be seen (luckily) so maybe it was just in need of a little company while it was alone. I bet that’s one thing they certainly didn’t expect to see when they set off on their quiet game of golf.

The cub spotted the golfer and sniffed him up and down before deciding that he needed a hug

Curiosity obviously got the best of this young bear and thankfully the two humans it approached were nothing more than considerate. They politely and patiently stood still as to not startle the animal.

This has to be one of the only instances where a bear hug would be lovingly accepted.

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