Return to top Man Finds Lone Piano In The Street, But When He Starts To Play The Cops Arrive And Look On In Awe

Man Finds Lone Piano In The Street, But When He Starts To Play The Cops Arrive And Look On In Awe

By - 14th December 2017

When a man finds a lone piano in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, he can’t help but sit down and tinkle the keys. But as he does, a magical winter wonderland unfolds right around him at the sound of his playing. 

The Piano Guys are well known for their amazing talents and beautiful music videos. They have played on the Great Wall of China, the peak of the Corcovado mountain and in the midst of the rolling hills of Scotland. However, in their latest video they have stripped it back to performing in a regular, quiet neighbourhood.

John, Paul and Al make up the three ‘Piano Guys’ and they take it in turns to feature in their elaborate videos. In this latest festive video, John takes centre stage to cause mayhem in the quiet suburban street.

Featuring 500,000 twinkling lights, the screen is lit up not just by the magnificent light display, but also by John’s expressive piano playing. Performing the song, ‘I Saw Three Ships’, John plays excitedly on the grand piano, setting the street alight with Christmas cheer before the cops are called and he’s sent running off into the distance.

46,000 watts of electricity and 4,900 digital channels were used in the making of the video to create an elaborate light display that is dazzling to watch. With an 88 key piano at his disposal, the sound is just as exquisite as the bright lights.

The three Piano Guys filmed this video in the dark of night, in an actual neighbourhood. But they got a big shock when blue and red lights began flashing in the distance, as can be seen at the end of the video. Somebody had been disturbed by the ‘noise’ and actually called the cops on them!

Luckily the police officers kindly let them finish filming the video so that we all could enjoy the end result.

While this quiet community may not have appreciated the ‘disturbance’, I for one wouldn’t mind being woken in the middle of the night to this elaborate display.

Watch the incredible video for yourself to witness The Piano Guys’ latest masterpiece for yourself. If you thought this video was as magical as we did, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share their talent with the world. ?