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Man Asks To Buy Dogs Back From The Shelter, But The Woman’s Response Left Him In Tears

By - 22nd December 2017

When you fall ill it can be hard to keep everything afloat in your life. You might become too ill to work and you may become too ill to take care of your pets anymore. When an elderly man in Delaware was hospitalised after a heart attack, he was unable to look after his beloved dogs, Bailey and Blaze, and they were taken away from him.

Taken to a shelter, the two dogs were kept there until their owner would be well enough to come and reclaim them, if he ever became well enough again.

The man remained in hospital care for months and so the dogs could no longer be held in the shelter. They had to be put up for adoption.

Once the man became well enough to leave the hospital, he rushed to the side of his faithful companions and the little family couldn’t have been happier to be reunited. But there was one problem. The shelter was charging him $250 to adopt back his own dogs, which was more money than he had.

Sadly, the man had to return home without his loving dogs. But he was unwilling to give up hope. Several days later he returned to the adoption shelter to ask them to give him more time to get together the money but he had a big surprise in store.

Growing concerned for the dog’s wellbeing due to being separated from their owner, and sympathising with the poor old man, the staff at the shelter decided to cover the adoption fees themselves.

Staff contributed to the adoption fee and also bought dog toys and food with the additional money they managed to collect.

The moment where the man realises that he is getting to take Bailey and Blaze home with him is so emotional. And when the dogs run out excitedly to their loving owner, they are just as ecstatic to be reunited as he is. What the staff did for him is nothing short of a miracle and truly kind.

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