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Man Tries To Abandon Dog At A Lake, But It Had Other Ideas

By - 8th August 2019
man leaves dog

Pets love you unconditionally and completely. Even your cat, with its snootish charm, who only comes home for dinner. They all love you, and us humans don’t deserve that love. Yes, most of us are good owners and treat our pets with love and affection in return. But, when we leave for work every day and they wait patiently for our return. When we go on holiday and take them to our grandma or kennel. They always love us the same when we return. But when this man abused his dog and tried to leave it, the poor thing had no idea what was going on.

A man named Stephen Sage Silver recently witnessed the whole thing and caught it on camera. The unknown man and a woman believed to be his partner took the dog out of their car near the lake. The pooch clearly thought they were going for walkies, but that wasn’t the case.

The viral social media post shows Stephen shouting at the man, and everything gets quite heated. We’re lucky this video is muted, believe me. What’s more, the stranger starts saying that the dog is Stephen’s, which is clearly untrue. The dog follows the man and wants to play with him.

man leaves dog

Eventually, the abusive owner drives off, but the dog was in a lucky position. Stephen alerted a shelter, and Kern County Animal Services picked it up. They are currently looking for a new, more loving, family to adopt the dog. Stephen hopes the video will help police identify the man, and bring him to justice. Nobody should do that to an animal, let alone a loving and loyal dog.

man leaves dog


Let us know what you thought of Stephen’s heroic actions, and share with your family and friends to try to identify the perpetrators.