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Santa Finds Out That Little Girl Is Deaf, Leaves Everyone In Tears With His Reaction

By - 30th November 2018

For most children, the Christmas holidays are a truly magical time of year. You get presents, you spend time with your family and you get to watch Christmas movies! But for some children, it can be hard to express their feelings. Thankfully, one Santa knew just what to do for one little girl.

While out on a shopping trip in England, 3-year-old Mali and her mum visited the Cleveland Centre’s festive mall. When they got there, they took Mali to Santa’s Grotto so she could sit on his knee.

Mali struggles to communicate with speech and so her mum decided to help Mali learn sign language as a way of expressing herself. Santa asked Mali’s mum if she could sign, and she told him that she was learning.

Then the mall Santa starts signing to her.

At that moment, Little Mali’s eyes lit up with sheer delight as the mall Santa started signing to her. He is Father Christmas after all! He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and the adorable little girl signed back to him.

This is a truly remarkable thing to watch. And from Mali’s reaction, it meant so much – her mum would also agree.

We just want to applaud this incredible mall Santa who learnt sign language for situations like this. He wanted to make sure that every child got the best Christmas experience possible. Bravo sir, we salute you!

mall Santa starts signing

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