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The Internet Is Obsessed With Man’s Hilarious Footage Of Dog ‘Following Him’ Around House

By - 3rd October 2018

For those of you who have never owned a big dog, you probably find them a little intimidating. It’s something that those who have them often forget because they know how much of a gentle giant they truly are.

Seeing a big dog being walked on the streets can make people quite anxious as they’re afraid of being jumped on or attacked, but this is never the case. They just want some love and hugs.

Trust me, if you get to spend some time around big dogs, you’ll realize just how silly and loving their personalities truly are.

Mike Taddeo owns a gorgeous pit bull named Maddie and the two love each other dearly. Maddie always knows how to make Mike’s day by filling it with laughter. And she’s truly smitten by him, in fact, she can’t let Mike out of her sight.

Don’t believe us? This video of Maddie the pit bull supervising her human will definitely make you laugh!

Whenever Mike leaves the house without his canine companion, she can’t help but watch him until he’s out of sight.

Whenever I’m outside Maddie never lets me go unsupervised. Here’s proof.

Each window Mike walks by, Maddie the pit bull somehow manages to be there before him – that’s one quick dog!

She’s definitely the most efficient guard dog we’ve ever seen. Seeing her lightning quick reflexes would surely keep potential burglars away from the house.

Mike loves Maddie and he wouldn’t change her for anything in the world. Why would you get rid of a dog that gives you this many giggles?!

Don’t forget to watch Maddie the pit bull guarding the house in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?