Return to top Adorable Spider ‘Lucas’ Who Can Cure Arachnophobia Is Back! — His New Video Is The Cutest Yet

Adorable Spider ‘Lucas’ Who Can Cure Arachnophobia Is Back! — His New Video Is The Cutest Yet

By - 1st December 2017

Lucas the adorable spider is back! And his new video is even cuter than the first one, if that’s even possible. 

Lucas the Spider’s last video, had people all over the world curing their arachnophobia as he scuttled his way into all of our hearts back at the beginning of November. Now animator, Joshua Slice, has released a new short clip of the baby spider for us all to gush over.

Fittingly set during a cold winter night, this time Lucas stands on the other side of a window ledge asking to come inside and warm his legs by the fire… all eight of them. But when he realises that nobody is inside the house, he dashes away to find shelter elsewhere. We would let you inside, Lucas!

Can I come inside, please? It’s really cold out here. That fire looks very nice. I could warm my legs, all eight of them! Is anyone there? OK… I’ll just go sleep in the shed.

The scene called ‘It’s cold outside’, voiced by the animator’s nephew (also called Lucas), is arguably even cuter than the last one. Joshua Slice has done it again with a fantastic short film that will leave viewers begging for a whole series of videos… and who knows, maybe Slice still has more in store for us.

With his last video of Lucas the Spider amassing over 8 million views on Youtube, millions of people can look forward to watching this cute new short film.

If you haven’t seen Lucas the Spider’s videos then you are in for a treat; there is nothing scary about this eight-legged creature. All we want to do is cuddle him!

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