Return to top 81-Year-Old ‘Baby Cuddler’ Donates $1 Million To The NICU – He’s About To Be Your New Favorite Human

81-Year-Old ‘Baby Cuddler’ Donates $1 Million To The NICU – He’s About To Be Your New Favorite Human

By - 24th September 2018

There’s nothing cuter than seeing generations bonding with one another, but there’s one guy who’s become a hero to many. Why? This old man named Louis Mapp cuddles newborns at his local NICU. But that’s not all, he’s also donated more than a million dollars in the year and a half he’s been volunteering.

81-year-old Louis Mapp took his voluntary role in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, very seriously.

Every Tuesday, Louis would drive 45 minutes to the hospital, to feed, burp and cuddle babies whose families were unable to be there at all times. Mapp is a grandfather of 8 and a great-grandfather of 2. If anybody knows how to cuddle babies, it’s Louis Mapp!

I love to look at their expressions when I rock them. This one is smiling at me right now, and it just makes your day to do that.

But Louis isn’t just a shoulder to cry on for these babies, he’s also a very generous human being.

Louis Mapp

Louis Mapp has donated a million dollars to the hospital where he volunteers

Mapp and his wife, Melinda, started a foundation where they have donated $1 million to the NICU.

After being there and seeing what a special place it is, and what an impact they have on people’s lives, my wife and I decided we wanted to do something for them. We have been blessed, and we said, ‘What a good place, to share some of those blessings, with the NICU.’

The couple’s goals were to donate enough money that the hospital wouldn’t have to panic about not having a budget if they really needed something.

Louis said he wanted to use his time left on earth to help others as the hospital has a “place in his heart”. Through his foundation, they have given out around 500 grants.

These grants have helped fund free clinics, food banks, and drug rehabilitation programs.

Every day, I ask the Lord, ‘Show me, somebody, where I can help them’. It may not be financially, it may be giving them a ride, or making a phone call, but I figure, while I’m here on earth, I need to do everything I can to help others.

Once a week, Louis goes in to comfort the newborns and it means a lot to both the kids and the parents. What an incredible human being.

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