Return to top Lost Dog Was Alone For 2 Years, The Moment She Finally Sniffs A Familiar Scent Is So Emotional.

Lost Dog Was Alone For 2 Years, The Moment She Finally Sniffs A Familiar Scent Is So Emotional.

By - 3rd November 2017

When you love someone, any amount of time apart is torture, so imagine how it feels when you get accidentally separated for years. For poor Pakita, this became her reality when she got separated from her owners and was found wandering the streets of Argentina alone. 

After being rescued from the streets, Pakita was taken to the Arca Animal Refuge in Argentina where she was cared for by kind volunteers. What she probably initially expected to be a brief parting from her family, turned into years of waiting to be found.

Potential adoptive families came and went from the refuge, but nobody wanted a senior dog like Pakita. Especially not one with such a sad and nervous disposition. The poor dog missed her family so much!

But one day, two years down the line, the shelter posted a picture of Pakita on their social media page and it caught the eye of someone important; her grandma. Grandma let her son know that she had seen Pakita online, alive and well, and the family quickly got in touch with the shelter.

It turned out that Pakita had escaped from her family home years ago, when she was discovered roaming the streets, and her family hadn’t stopped searching for her all this time. When the day came for the family to come reclaim their much-missed dog, Pakita was initially hesitant.

It took a few seconds for Pakita to recognise her owner, but once she did she sprung to life and couldn’t stop jumping all over him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog so happy to see its owner before!

The family are reunited again now and Pakita is clearly very happy to back with the people she loves. She may have suffered a couple of sad, lonely years but she is back to her old playful self now that she is back where she belongs.

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