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Student Hears Freezing Baby Crying Out In Parking Lot, Then Doctor Has Life-Changing Decision To Make

By - 8th November 2018

Lorraine Nichols, a two-time breast cancer survivor, knew that she would never have children of her own. Until a miracle literally showed up at her feet on a cold morning in May 2017. 

One freezing morning in May 2017, a college student at Tallahassee, Florida, was walking through an apartment complex parking lot. All of a sudden, they heard the sound of muffled cries coming from a pickup truck.

Disturbed, the student called 911 and waited for paramedics to arrive. Upon investigating the scene, they discovered a tiny baby boy in the back of the pickup truck. It was clear that the poor baby had been abandoned. The nameless baby boy was only one-week-old and didn’t even have a hat or blanket to keep him warm.

Paramedics rushed the ailing baby to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and placed him in the arms of Lorraine Nichols. Lorraine is a seasoned respiratory therapist and immediately set to work rescuing the baby boy’s life.

She treated the baby, who was hypothermic and had a dangerously low body temperature. Not to mention he was starving and his skin was peeling.

Nobody knew the baby’s name so he was named ‘Whiskey Doe’ by a computer-generated system. Lorraine couldn’t bear to see Whiskey Doe in pain and she quickly fell in love with the sweet baby boy.

Lorraine was unable to have children of her own due to battling breast cancer. She had spent thousands of dollars on IVF treatment in the effort to have a baby, but sadly it had not been successful. But perhaps it was for a reason so that she would be open to the miracle that was placed in her hands on that cold May morning…

Lorraine Nichols and baby Charlie

Just one week after Whiskey Doe was placed in Lorraine’s care, she had a life-changing realization and spoke to her husband immediately. Perhaps she had been meant to meet this sweet baby boy all along.

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