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Lonely Lovebird Finds His Soulmate And Everyone Is Obsessed With Their Adorable Story

By - 16th July 2018

We all love a good love story. Everyone deserves to find their special someone. So when Maura Hennelly’s bird Kiwi was showing signs of loneliness, she decided to find him the perfect mate. 

Maura lives in Fair Oaks, California, with an array of furry friends. She dedicates her life to rescuing animals and has even adopted a fair few herself. To name a few, Maura is the human mommy to a lizard, a Pekingese dog, a turtle, and most notably a bright colored bird called Kiwi.

She had Kiwi for a couple of years before she decided to play matchmaker for the lonely bird. Adopting a similarly bright and beautiful bird, she thought that she had created a match made in heaven for Kiwi. However, despite their physical similarities, Kiwi and the young bird just didn’t seem to hit it off.


The flame quickly fizzled out for Kiwi and he found himself alone again.


Determined to find the right partner for Kiwi, a few weeks later, Maura brought home another bird. This time, she decided to see if opposites really do attract by adopting a ‘little goth girl’ bird called Siouixie.


As it turned out, Kiwi and Siouixie couldn’t have been more different in both physicality and personality, but that didn’t matter. The pair were instantly smitten. They fell in love so fast that within a few days, Kiwi was sharing his coconut with Siouixie. A big step for a little bird!

Kiwi was playing it cool though. He didn’t want things to move too fast so he took the time to get to know his new girlfriend. Maura couldn’t help but feel like a third wheel around the lovebirds.


After six months of dating, Kiwi and Siouixie’s love was confirmed. They were taking the next step in their relationship…

Discovering Siouixie creating a nest, Maura was over the moon at the prospect of welcoming more lovebirds into the world.

Siouixie laid her eggs in April and by June they were beginning to hatch.

A few days later, all the eggs were hatched and the loved-up couple were officially parents. Siouixie couldn’t have been more of a natural mother, taking care of her babies while proud father, Kiwi, watched over them all.


Over the following weeks, the baby’s feathers began to sprout and they were a perfect blend of their beautiful parents. Maura couldn’t have been a prouder grandmother of four adorable ‘half-goth’ babies.


While Kiwi may have been fine as a life-long bachelor, Siouixie filled the gap in his life that he had no idea was missing. Now he has the cutest little family and the love of his life.

The whole world has fallen in love with the adorable lovebirds’ romantic story, with one fan personifying the happy couple and their babies…

Artwork by Erika Schnellert

Kiwi the lonely lovebird has finally found fulfillment with his soulmate and Maura couldn’t be happier to watch the happy family grow together.


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