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Nobody Wants To Go Near Lonely Hedgehog, Then They Hand Him A Box Revealing Their True Intentions

By - 14th December 2018

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong or that you feel somewhat outcasted because you don’t fit in? Well, fear not, we all have those days but that doesn’t mean you’re any less special. Don’t believe us? We’ve found a beautiful animation of a lonely hedgehog who feels like he doesn’t belong and it will bring a tear to your eye.

In this beautiful animated short, we see an adorable little hedgehog who looks a bit down in the dumps. He’s stood at the front of the class as the new kid in school. He looks very timid and quite shy. Unfortunately, as the little hedgehog tries to get to his seat, his spikes get caught on peoples bags and they knock the tables.

Immediately, the other kids don’t take a shine to him and they find the little hedgehog weird. But thankfully, a friendly red squirrel smiles at him to make him feel more reassured.

lonely hedgehog

As days continued, the red squirrel noticed that nobody wanted to sit next to the lonely hedgehog. They would put their bags on the bus seats, turn away when he walked over or just ignore him.

The red squirrel was noticeably concerned and she wanted to do something to help the lonely hedgehog fit in.

lonely hedgehog

The adorable squirrel just wanted to make the lonely hedgehog feel included but when she invited him to sit next to her on the bus, he accidentally jabbed her with one of his prickles.

Thankfully, she found a way to make him feel included and loved! Make sure you have your tissues ready, this adorable video will surely bring a small tear to your eye – in a good way, we promise.

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