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London Councillor Is Planting 11km Of Wild Meadows To Save The Bees

By - 10th May 2019

We all know bees are super important, right? Like, if the bees die out, then so does most of the life on this planet. However, the bees are dying out. So, one London councillor has come up with a genius idea to foster a healthy bee community! They have planted a “bee corridor”, a 7-mile (11km) corridor that includes 22 meadows and parks. They are planting plenty of wildflowers in the hopes that bees will thrive in London.

Bees pollinate thousands of plants and flowers a day, spreading pollen as they go. This helps nature to thrive, and these plants are subsequently the food source for many animals. In essence, bees create the plant food that feeds the bottom of the food chain. It’s been found that as many as 75 per cent of crop species and 88 per cent of flowering plant species benefit from insect pollinators.

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Nature corridors like this one have a track record of improving animal welfare. Commonly used to foster larger animals, a side effect is a positive impact on insect and bee communities. These natural ecosystems are beautiful and can thrive even in such close proximity to a major city centre.

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“The team curated the mix of wildflowers with bees and other insects in mind, choosing varieties that would attract these pollinators,” said project manager Kelly Eaton.

London Councillor Krupa Sheth, who came up with the idea, also released a statement about the project. She said, “Bees and other insects are so important for pollinating the crops that provide the food that we eat. We must do all we can to help them to thrive.”

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